Charities depend on legacies and lawyers depend on new clients

Here's how our system works:

The Canadian Free Wills Network enables charity supporters to have their Will written free of charge by a local lawyer.

The charities pay for the Wills via the Network – so it’s free to charity supporters, but lawyers are compensated.

Because charities pay a set fee for simple Wills, the ‘core’ element of the service is free to all users, but clients requiring a more complex Will pay a ‘top up’ fee.

Lawyers charge clients separately for services such as spousal trusts and powers of attorney.

For legal and ethical reasons, supporters are not obliged to include a gift to the charity that refers them, though the great majority choose to do so.

The Network channels new clients to you.

Your details are sent to supporters living in your area and they contact you direct to make an appointment. You decide how many Wills you write and how you schedule appointments.

Once each Will is written, the supporter signs a confidential declaration form issued to them by the Network office, which you forward to us, together with your invoice.

We pay promptly and are happy to fit around your invoicing routine. You will be able to charge the supporter/client for any necessary additional work – tax advice, discretionary trusts, Powers of Attorney etc.

Most Network charities address the Network opportunity to supporters aged 40 and over, because they are more likely to be in ‘Will making mode.’

You receive annual recognition of your membership that you can display in your publicity and communications.

250 law firms across Canada are part of the Network, which has been running since 2011.

If you would like to know more about this special program and how you can be part of it, please get in touch.

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