Canadian Free Wills Network

What is the Network?

The Network is a paid-for Wills program whereby the charities pay for the Wills to be written.

How does it work?

Member charities direct supporters who want to write their Will (or update an existing one) to lawyers who have joined the Network roster.

The charities pay the lawyers to write the Wills, so for the supporters the service is free provided the Will is straightforward. If a supporter requires a more complex Will, s/he can pay the lawyer for the necessary extra work − but the simple Will element remains free of charge

Why do the charities take part in the Network?

Left to themselves, one in twelve Canadians − 8% − include a charitable bequest in their Will. However, if they have the opportunity to consider such a bequest at the time they write their Will, that figure rises to 50%. It’s the timing that makes the difference.

When and where is the Network available?

After a successful pilot campaign during which nearly 350 donors used the Network service and 57% included a gift to their referring charity, the Network is being rolled out in 32 cities across Canada in January 2016. It is anticipated that more than 300 law firms will provide the Will-writing service.

How can I find out more?